Ikos Aria Review: The New Luxury, All-inclusive Hotel in Kos

Ikos Aria, Kos | ItinerWord Blog
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Ikos Resorts have just opened their perfectly polished doors on the island of Kos, their fourth in a growing collection of luxury, all-inclusive hotels in Greece and the wider Mediterranean region. We flew over earlier this month to experience this brand new Kos resort from its debut on May 7th, to find out if the promise of fine dining, gorgeous scenery and five-star service would really place Ikos Aria among Greece’s best luxury hotels. Keep reading our first-hand professional review of Ikos Aria to get the lowdown. Continue reading

Alternatives to Iconic Sights of South America

Las Salinas Grandes, Argentina | Alternatives to Iconic Sights of South America

Las Salinas Grandes, Argentina (Pixabay)

South America is an endless treasure trove of jaw-dropping natural wonders, hypnotic cultures and extraordinary people. In fact, we at ItinerWord have a particular soft spot for this vast and intriguing continent, having explored its many corners first-hand, written about it all for several years, and many of us have even lived there! Today we may lead the way in travel copywriting and the best content marketing around the world, but our humble beginnings came in beloved South America. As such, we believe that the must-see sights in South America truly are ones for the bucket list; but there are also so many alternatives for those who like to do things a little differently. In this article, we round up some of our top suggestions for alternatives to iconic sights in South America: from wetlands to waterfalls, ancient sites to party cities – keep reading as we share our insider tips. Continue reading

A New Way of Trip-planning with Discover Your South America

Machu Picchu | ItinerWord Blog

The influence of technology on the travel industry cannot be overstated. Over the past decade, the way travellers prepare their trips has shifted from poring over maps and guidebooks, to finding new and exciting adventures online. While the former method still very much has its use, you can no longer expect to reach an audience of travellers – especially the younger generations – without innovative, online platforms. Thanks to the internet we are more in control of our trips than ever before, yet we still crave expert and in-depth knowledge on our destinations. Continue reading