Service List : Tailored To Suit You

When we met Drew, he immediately embraced our project showing enthusiasm and a great understanding of the tourism market. Really creative, always hitting our deadlines, very helpful and organized, ItinerWord always provide high-quality services and make great efforts in order to satisfy our requirements. Being aware of the importance of constant communication with our clients and convinced that good communication will make the difference, we are sure that our partnership with the ItinerWord team will last for years to come.”
Bernard Van Steen, Director at Ideia Tours, Brazil

Winning new business and maintaining relationships is hard; though it is even harder with mediocre content. Convince potential or existing customers and partners that you are unique, the experts, offering something different, by implying it with the words you use; just wait to see the positive benefits coming your way once you have the best content and copywriting in the travel industry, through ItinerWord.

Join the revolution, be ahead of the game and part of the success; it is all wrapped up in creating the words you need to say, and others want to read…

  • Showcase engaging content across your biggest, most important marketing asset
  • Rank higher on Google and stand out from your competitors in a crowded marketplace. Merely re-using keywords is a thing of the past
  • Build your reputation, audience and ultimately, your organisation by looking more professional, original and fluent. It’s a science, one we know intimately!

Your website reflects who you are as a brand, a group or organisation and for this reason, it should be flawlessly written, inventive and reflective of your preferred tone to appeal to your target audience. There is no place for generic descriptions or repetitive phrases anymore, either online or in the eyes of the reader.

ItinerWord will ensure you achieve all of the above by working with you as your consultative partner, creating a content marketing ‘voice’, taking SEO solutions into account and finding the words which will propel you to the absolute forefront. This is more important now than ever, as 21st-century Google looks for readability and adept language skills throughout your content, just as you would expect if reading hard copy, printed promotional material such as a brochure.

  • Refresh, re-write or create new tours, hotels, regional descriptions and itinerary overviews to stay relevant, fresh and original
  • Ensure a consistent voice across all of your in-house descriptions, avoiding the problem of multiple authors over a long period of time, many of whom would not have been professional travel copywriters, like ItinerWord solely are
  • Take away the pressures of copywriting from your own marketing team, they will thank you for it!

One of the biggest challenges companies face in the travel industry is ensuring their in-house library of content is up to date, fluent and consistently dynamic, as tours change, hotels grow or close, and new destinations emerge. On top of this, as colleagues come and go over time, copywriting responsibilities get split between team members, which often results in a range of ‘voices’, style preferences and writing abilities being adopted, which looks inconsistent and highly unprofessional. ItinerWord will fix this for you, with our outsourced travel copywriting service that will refresh your content library in one consistent tone, aligned to your brand, while freeing up your own marketing specialists in the process!

  • Communicate effectively with fellow travel organisations and industry partners
  • Establish new (or enhance existing) relationships
  • Grab the attention of potential business partners with compelling content that’ll make them want to listen, when others are cutting corners

The value that appropriately written content can add to your B2B partnerships is undeniable. For English-speaking partners to receive already perfectly executed content, either to read themselves, be ready to send straight out to their own clients or uploaded to in-house libraries, will enhance your relationship with that partner no-end, and stop them looking elsewhere.

We know this, because our own partners and clients tell us time and again, so do the proud repeat and recommend stats that we value as a business, with even the very first clients ItinerWord ever worked with still using our pioneering content marketing service to this day. Plus, we have been on both sides of the fence thanks to our long and varied experience across the travel industry. Those who run and work for ItinerWord know that your time can be wasted on a day to day basis, if rewriting content sent from international partners or produced in-house which is not suitable for the public domain. Instead, when your partner receives the flawless descriptions, inspiring proposals and e-communications that you have outsourced to us, your reputation and the security of that partnership will instantly rocket.

  • Deliver captivating content to the inboxes of your valued customers
  • Your clients want to hear from you, so any written features need to read beautifully
  • Be their ‘go-to’ source for exciting news and inspiring travel articles, there is so much out there, you need to compete!

The wonderful thing about our industry is its evolving nature; there are endless exciting places and experiences to be had, and no doubt your business can offer a slice of it in some way, depending on exactly what it is that you do, of course. The power of newsletters, brochures and blogs should never be underestimated, as your target market both become more aware of your brand, while also relying on you for the latest news, promotions and amazing experiences as a result.

We’ll create, polish and perfect the descriptions of your all-important updates and exclusives as soon as you let us know what they are, meaning that your clientele always engage with each product or service, keeping them coming back for more!