Who We Work With

“… Itinerword are an absolute delight to work with, diligent with timeframes and very thorough, professional and creative… We couldn’t have found a better copywriting company to work with”
Eric Sheets, Founder of Latin Excursions, USA

ItinerWord considers every single one of our clients to be both a partner and a friend. Predominantly, our clientele stretches out to fantastic luxury hotels, boutique DMC’s (GHA’s), national tourist boards and tour operators of all sizes across the world. We have strong relationships in every continent, sector and tourist hub, thanks to our honesty and affordable pricing. So, here’s what just some of them have to say about our travel copywriting service and approach to content marketing; as well as the impact we have on their organisation:

“Drew, Emma and the ItinerWord team have been superb to work with on all offline and online content marketing projects we have used their services for. They stick to briefs, meet deadlines and produce bullet-proof copy that is informative, well-researched and excellently written. We choose them time and again because they are flexible, have immense travel knowledge and we know that once their copy has landed in our inbox we won’t need to amend a thing!”
Sarrah Garrod, Senior Marketing Executive at ITC Travel Group, Inspiring Travel Company

“The team at ItinerWord have been a pleasure to deal with. They provided well researched content on a number of different topics in a timely fashion. They were incredibly helpful throughout the process, keen to take on work, receptive to feedback and very considerate when it came to deadlines. Even when we asked to amend a deadline, it was no problem for them and they got the work to us for when we needed. Highly recommend.”
Kirsty Page, Product & Marketing Manager at Jacada Travel

“Colombia57 Tours, Travel & Logistics Ltd were looking for passionate creative writers who understand our international market and people who love to travel, and we found them! They have shown great devotion to interpret and express Colombia as a unique and incredible destination and have brought to life text for our many products including tours, hotels and overall destination descriptions. Thanks to ItinerWord’s time and their management of deadlines, our systems and itineraries remain efficient and up to date.”
Simon Locke, Director of Product & Marketing at Colombia57 Tours, Travel & Logistics Ltd

I would say it’s been the best investment we’ve ever made from our marketing budget……. The texts we had did not reflect what our lodge really offered, it was hard to explain such scenery, landscapes, experience and mix of feelings as no words did it justice, until we met Drew, Emma and ItinerWord. We tried different translators and journalists in Argentina, each of them promised something professional but none of them could make it work in the way we wanted or expected, and we spent almost the same amount of money as ItinerWord cost for something far superior! They do not only translate our texts, but embellish them in such a unique way that you get totally hooked with the place! And that is the idea, isn´t it? What else can we say… Thanks a lot ItinerWord for the work done and your continuous support when we cannot find the words to express something properly!
Gabriela Gelmi, Commercial Manager, Estancia Cristina

“I always feel extremely pleased to work with Itinerword, Drew and Emma are like a breath of fresh air for our company, with high levels of flexibility no matter what we ask of them, high marketing standards, really personal service, good vision, and always a good mood too! I truly recommend.”
Frederic Guillemard, Sales & Marketing Manager, Europe & Asia, Australis Cruises

“It is a pleasure working with ItinerWord. They are easy to work with, quick to respond and deliver a high standard of content within a short deadline.”
Clare Stuart, General Manager, Best At Travel

“Drew, Emma and ItinerWord are an absolute delight to work with. Diligent with timeframes and very thorough, professional and creative in the quality of their copy. We couldn’t have found a better copywriting company to work with!”
Eric Sheets, Founder of Latin Excursions, USA

“I approached Drew and ItinerWord looking for a partner to help me realise a dream, evolving my company and pushing it into a new way of looking at luxury, bespoke tourism. Since the very first conversation in February 2016 to now, Drew has shared my vision, embraced my needs and done everything possible to make this innovative project succeed. Between them, Drew, Emma and the ItinerWord team reflect my own passions and leave me in complete confidence with the quality of their work – I would never consider using anyone else.”
Alfonso Tandazo, President and Founder of Discover Your South America (by Surtrek, South American Travel)

“Since we started working with ItinerWord in 2016, we have been seriously impressed by their professionalism and knowledge. They are easy to work with, always helpful, and sensitive to our needs as a travel business. We love their creativity, punctuality and commitment to our partnership.”
Erika Navarro, Head of Marketing and Product Development at Coltur Peru

Our partnership with the ItinerWord team started in 2016 since we decided to launch our new website. We were looking for someone able to understand our company needs and vision, a person capable of turning into words our passion for tourism and for our beautiful Brazil. When we met Drew, he immediately embraced our project showing enthusiasm and a great understanding of the tourism market. Really creative, always hitting our deadlines, very helpful and organized, Drew always provides high quality services and makes great efforts in order to satisfy our requirements.  Being aware of the importance of a constant communication with our clients and convinced that good communication will make the difference, we are sure that our partnership with the ItinerWord team will last for years to come.
Bernard Van Steen, Director at Ideia Tours, Brazil

From the very beginning I got along with Drew, he’s so easy to speak with, as he rapidly understands the idea, your needs and concerns. His work is impeccable; I could see how experienced he is as I followed the process of creation. I was also grateful to Drew’s adaptability, not only with times or deadlines, but with the work itself, having to make changes sometimes and asking for his help and advice later on. My team and I were extremely happy with the results and our clients definitely noticed the creative investment. Looking forward to working together again soon!”
Julia Serrano, Marketing Communications Manager at Aniyami DMC, Brazil

ItinerWord have been extraordinarily helpful and creative in developing the language on our website and improving our SEO – an ever-important (and confusing) component in today’s web-driven world. Extremely responsive, organized, and systematic in their work I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking to improve their SEO and marketing language. Expect your team to be guided on each step of implementation and to wonder – why didn’t I think of that?”
Renee Bean, Marketing Consultant at Yampu Tours, Boston

“We have had a long and highly enjoyable, productive relationship with ItinerWord. They have pushed us forward with many elements of our business, from helping us outline the unique aspects of our property to creating press releases and internal documents at very short notice. Their work has always captivated us and we highly value their commitment, friendly nature and positive outlook no matter what the job or deadline.”
Javiera May, Marketing Manager at Alto Atacama, Chile

“ItinerWord has produced many creative texts for our program descriptions, they are great people to work with, they are very reliable.”
Katty Vilchez-Michie, UK Representative at Setours DMC