Make Google Happy

“I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking to improve their SEO and marketing language. Expect your team to be guided on each step of implementation and to wonder – why didn’t I think of that?”
Renee Bean, Marketing Consultant at Yampu Tours, Boston

Google Ranking

There’s no escaping the fact that Google plays a critical role in bringing your brand straight to the screens of your target market. Ranking well on Google is everyone’s goal, which is why there has been so much attention paid to SEO practices, including ticking off keywords in any content published online – though it’s no longer about simply repeating the same words you think Google wants to hear. Skilled travel copywriting is now essential!

Readability Matters

Google is smart and times have changed. Those keywords are important – to an extent – but now readability and language skill are also key, as underlined by a significant Google development in December 2017. The world’s greatest search engine favours websites that are engaging to readers, providing them with the answers to their questions and the inspiring content they are searching for, something we have been doing since the start. Google is getting smart, and knows when websites cut corners, or worse, simply deliver awkward content and poor, generic writing when superior alternatives – such as those created by ItinerWord – exist.

Boost Your Brand’s Reputation

ItinerWord has always been an advocate of beautifully written travel content, which is why we do what we do. We believe that the value-add is without comparison, making a boundless difference to not just the first impressions of your brand, but also the overall client experience from start to finish, therefore shaping your reputation and securing your place on Google’s radar. Google wants the best for its users, users want the best content in front of them, and will often base their decision on how it reads.

Stand Out From The Crowd

Ultimately, there is a difference between successful organisations that expertly convey their message by strongly reflecting who they are, versus those who struggle to express themselves, appear lazy and unprofessional or simply do not have the tools to create the best travel copywriting in the industry. It is these latter businesses who suffer as a result, and over time lose their right to a top spot in search engine rankings.

That’s where ItinerWord steps in… We’ll help you ‘Make Google Happy!’