Best Historical City Breaks in Europe

At ItinerWord, our team of expert travel copywriters have all sorts of interests when it comes to their own hard-earned holidays. In fact, one of the many great things about being a travel copywriting specialist is getting exposure to so many great destinations, one-off experiences and the latest travel trends on a day-to-day basis, making it even easier to plan your own tour. Something we all agree on is that there’s nowhere quite like Europe when it comes to diversity between countries, incredible cultures, cuisine, and of course the endlessly absorbing historical sites too. So, while it’s impossible to look at every ancient city and site across the entire continent, here’s a handful of our favourite cities in Europe for a history break of architectural delights, museums, and so much more.

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The Beauty of Scotland

To mark the 1 year anniversary of ItinerWord relocating its creative travel copywriting service from London to Glasgow, we thought there’s no better way to celebrate this huge event in the company’s history than with a snapshot look at the multi-layered magnificence of Scotland, an incredible country to live and work in. The truth is, there are so many highlights of Scotland, so many unique characteristics, landscapes, cultures and iconic native cuisine that you’ll never properly capture it all in one go. But, nonetheless, here’s ItinerWord’s take on the beauty of Scotland; it may sound a little biased, but it’s still all true!

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Ikos Aria Review: The New Luxury, All-inclusive Hotel in Kos

Ikos Aria, Kos | ItinerWord Blog
All images ©Emma Gillies

Ikos Resorts have just opened their perfectly polished doors on the island of Kos, their fourth in a growing collection of luxury, all-inclusive hotels in Greece and the wider Mediterranean region. We flew over earlier this month to experience this brand new Kos resort from its debut on May 7th, to find out if the promise of fine dining, gorgeous scenery and five-star service would really place Ikos Aria among Greece’s best luxury hotels. Keep reading our first-hand professional review of Ikos Aria to get the lowdown. Continue reading

Why a USA Road Trip is Still the Best Way to See the States


Rolling down a dusty highway, roof down, wind in your hair and a good Bruce Springsteen album blasting from the stereo – surely one of the most iconic travel experiences out there? Here at ItinerWord we are lucky enough to work with global partners, getting all kinds of requests when it comes to producing creative, original content marketing for our clients – including just about every bucket list escapade you could think of! So, to celebrate upcoming Emancipation Day, we decided to take a look at an iconic adventure for even the best-travelled, and what is still the only true way to see the United States properly; a USA road trip, of course! Continue reading

The Salt Hotels of Bolivia


One of the best things about being in the travel copywriting business is that our lucky team here at ItinerWord get to create stories, describe emotions and walk our readers through the most incredible travel experiences. Don’t get us wrong though, as it’s not all about five-star Caribbean getaways or boutique design lodges in the Amazon; far from it, as we pay just as much attention to even the most modest airport hotel with our creative content marketing as we do the most exclusive of resorts! That said, if there’s one type of property that just makes you just want to go there immediately and experience it for yourself, it’s surely the salt hotels of Bolivia? Continue reading

What does your content say about you?


After an exciting restructure and recruitment phase in January, 2019 has started with a bang here at ItinerWord. And, having now had time to catch our breath, we thought what better way to re-kickstart our blog than with a whistle-stop guide to why your content is such an important reflection of who you are as a company.

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Alternatives to Iconic Sights of South America

Las Salinas Grandes, Argentina | Alternatives to Iconic Sights of South America

Las Salinas Grandes, Argentina (Pixabay)

South America is an endless treasure trove of jaw-dropping natural wonders, hypnotic cultures and extraordinary people. In fact, we at ItinerWord have a particular soft spot for this vast and intriguing continent, having explored its many corners first-hand, written about it all for several years, and many of us have even lived there! Today we may lead the way in travel copywriting and the best content marketing around the world, but our humble beginnings came in beloved South America. As such, we believe that the must-see sights in South America truly are ones for the bucket list; but there are also so many alternatives for those who like to do things a little differently. In this article, we round up some of our top suggestions for alternatives to iconic sights in South America: from wetlands to waterfalls, ancient sites to party cities – keep reading as we share our insider tips. Continue reading

A New Way of Trip-planning with Discover Your South America

Machu Picchu | ItinerWord Blog

The influence of technology on the travel industry cannot be overstated. Over the past decade, the way travellers prepare their trips has shifted from poring over maps and guidebooks, to finding new and exciting adventures online. While the former method still very much has its use, you can no longer expect to reach an audience of travellers – especially the younger generations – without innovative, online platforms. Thanks to the internet we are more in control of our trips than ever before, yet we still crave expert and in-depth knowledge on our destinations. Continue reading

Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2019

Sri Lanka - Top Country to Visit in 2019

Each year, Lonely Planet publishes its Best in Travel series, dedicated to uncovering the most exciting locations set to impress during the following calendar year. Split into four categories spanning cities, countries, regions and ‘best value’, Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2019 provides us with an insight into where the travel industry has its eye focused, along with an opportunity to spot the locations and regions with a growing buzz around them. As the industry’s leading travel copywriting and content service, this of course takes our fancy, so read our latest ItinerWord blog and find the results for the upcoming year, along with some of our key takeaways. Continue reading

Highlights of WTM 2018: Events, Networking and Inspiration in Travel


WTM London 2018Here at ItinerWord we love attending travel industry networking events, mainly for the opportunity it gives us to take a moment out with our trusted partners during an otherwise busy year! Last week our ItinerWord founders, Drew and Emma, made it over to London for WTM 2018, the world’s largest travel show. It was certainly busy for those involved but a fantastic show nonetheless, bursting at the seams with great events, plenty of inspiration and fantastic networking too. Read about their WTM highlights and a few ideas on the importance of networking in our latest ItinerWord blog post. Continue reading

The Best Ancient Sites in Spain

Merida, SpainIf you have ever travelled through South America, parts of Africa, Oceania or the Philippines, you may be more familiar with Spanish architecture than you realise already! The reason is that this ever-popular Mediterranean holiday destination was in fact a former colonising force to be feared, boasting one of the world’s largest empires between the 15th and 19th centuries, courtesy of – among other things – Christopher Columbus and his many exploits. Continue reading

Travel Trends in 2018

Travel PhotographyBeing in the travel copywriting business, it always fascinates us to keep an eye on trending destinations, the latest unmissable experience or what the next hidden gem may be. 2018 was no different, and the content marketing we have been producing throughout the year has varied massively across the globe, from Asia to Africa, Europe to the USA and ever-popular South America. So, we thought it would be fun to take a look at one or two standout travel trends in 2018 for our latest copywriting blog.  Continue reading

The Importance of Great Travel Copywriting

For anyone thinking – ‘How do I make sure I have the best content in the travel industry, a reliable copywriting service at my fingertips and all those nitty-gritty marketing jobs taken care of at the click of a button?’ – our answer is simple: ItinerWord!

Importance of Copywriting

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