A New Way of Trip-planning with Discover Your South America

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The influence of technology on the travel industry cannot be overstated. Over the past decade, the way travellers prepare their trips has shifted from poring over maps and guidebooks, to finding new and exciting adventures online. While the former method still very much has its use, you can no longer expect to reach an audience of travellers – especially the younger generations – without innovative, online platforms. Thanks to the internet we are more in control of our trips than ever before, yet we still crave expert and in-depth knowledge on our destinations.

As a result, the need for luxury, tailor-made travel is all the more necessary. Enter Discover Your South America, a free, online trip-building tool brought to you by the travel experts at Surtrek. It has the simple aim of fulfilling the desire for both a personalised trip-planning experience, while still offering all the insider tips, destination knowledge and logistical structures we need (and expect) from our tour operators.

What is Discover Your South America?

So what exactly is Discover Your South America all about? As you might guess, the website is dedicated to providing incredible, enriching experiences in South America for discerning travellers. However, things are done a little differently on this website, as – rather than browsing itineraries online, before calling or emailing the tour operator (although you can always do this too) – clients tailor-make their own itinerary using the interactive trip-builder. Discover Your South America is a platform that gives customers the control to create a fully bespoke adventure, in the true sense of the word.

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How do you start using Discover Your South America?

To kick-start your trip, you can either first select your destination or the type of holiday you are looking for. You have almost every South American nation at your fingertips: Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia and Uruguay along with the mesmerising Galapagos Islands. Or, if you’d rather search by trip type, choose from a wide range of themes including adventure, family, honeymoon, wildlife, off the beaten track, and more. You can then pick from a myriad of recommended itineraries that best suits you, using your chosen tour as a template which you will then be able to customise.

Template itineraries from Discover Your South America

Template itineraries from Discover Your South America

How can the chosen itinerary be personalised?

Once you have decided on your travel dates and hotel preference (five-star or four-star, for example), you can begin to personalise the trip by adjusting your itinerary with all your preferred activities and excursions. The itinerary will already be stocked with recommended half and full-day excursions, however, if any of these don’t feel quite right for you, then simply replace it with one of the many other exciting possibilities available. For example, a half-day city tour of Lima can easily be substituted for a culinary tour of the city if that’s more your thing! Likewise you are able to customise your itinerary to incorporate more days at leisure, should you wish to take time to relax in your new surroundings.

Screenshot of a template itinerary from Discover Your South America

Screenshot of a template itinerary from Discover Your South America


Finetune the details

Specific details for each activity are featured, including a comprehensive description, tour guide information, timings, and transport to and from your hotel, plus in many cases the chance to add a meal or other amenity. This all means that you can get a real feel for what the activity will be like and tailor it precisely to your taste. Extra details – such as a map of your route – are visible on the page throughout the planning process, making it all the more immersive and informative. Moreover, thanks to Surtrek’s expertise in the ever-enchanting region of South America, the website is full of knowledgeable pointers which really sets the platform apart from its competitors.

Adjusting the details of an activity on Discover Your South America

Adjusting activity details on Discover Your South America

What happens next?

So, once happy that your own personalised adventure is complete, follow the steps to submit your contact details and then request a reservation – the last click of a button that will send your customised itinerary to Surtrek. From then on, Surtrek’s travel experts will take charge, setting the wheels of the trip in motion and checking all availability, all the while in constant communication with you to talk it all through and make sure you are 100% happy.

The joy of using this online trip-builder

Part of the fun with Discover Your South America comes in experimenting with the type of trip you really want to experience. It’s easy to spend hours deciding your route, switching and choosing different activities and customising what’s best for you and your travelling group – although it doesn’t need to take long at all, if time is of the essence! What’s more, Discover Your South America comes with a very easy interface to navigate, making the whole experience a relaxing and enjoyable process from start to finish.

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The future of tailor-made travel

Beyond this however, Discover Your South America serves as a simple yet powerful tool set to enable luxury travellers for years to come. By allowing users of the platform to curate their own trip, you also allow them to feel that they are in total control of their own experience. This is a vital departure from the usual arrangement that the majority of tour operators and travel agents use, where clients are used to making decisions on their holidays based off of industry recommendations. Instead, the luxury tailor-made travel mould looks to be the new norm as increasingly well-informed travellers are able to make the important decisions that will create the most exciting adventure possible, custom-made specifically to them.

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Customer experience is at the heart of it all

The reality is that for the travel experts at Surtrek, their responsibility doesn’t change; travellers still want to experience top class expertise and organisation where their trip is concerned. Those who choose to use Discover Your South America still want to know that they can leave their personalised adventure in good hands, safe in the knowledge that once returned to them it will be complete with smooth transport links and charming hotels, promising a seamless experience from the initial planning process, to the moment they return home from their holiday. Allowing travellers to customise their own trip means that they are receiving the best of both worlds, where their own ideas and the expertise of the tour operator combine to create the perfect experience.

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