How to Get More Organic Traffic to Your Website

How to get more organic traffic to your website | ItinerWord Blog

It’s the question on every marketer’s mind: how do I get more traffic to my website, organically? While there are many ways to drive web users to your site without paying for advertising, the number one answer is, of course, great content. After all, that what your website is all about – it’s why online users are there in the first place.

Your content reflects you as a brand

It sounds obvious, but the point cannot be emphasized enough: your website is a reflection of who you are as a company, what you stand for and what you have to offer your client. Therefore, not only should your website’s functionality be fast, seamless and easy to use, but the words you publish must also be on-point. In seconds, you need to convince your web visitors to stay on the page, keep reading what you have to say and then propel them to click through and enquire. In this short time, every word counts, so you want to effectively portray your expertise and USPs; whether clearly and concisely on your homepage or ‘between the lines’ of your blog articles, and everywhere in-between.

How to get more organic traffic to your website | ItinerWord Blog

Reputation is everything

When you deliver inspiring, fluently written content on your website and blog, you build up a reputation as a knowledgeable source for information and ideas. Readers come to rely on you for interesting, well-written content so they keep coming back, and this also makes them more likely to link back to you on their own platforms – whether their own website, blog or social media outlets. Forget about buying back-links or other ‘quick fixes’, you don’t need to resort to these when you make your site worth linking to in the first place (plus, Google is getting smarter by the minute and these shortcut techniques might cause you more harm than good). Instead, by creating content that is inspiring and original, your website and blog will be favoured by its intended target audience; and Google too.

How to get more organic traffic to your website | ItinerWord Blog

Great content = happy Google

If you want to keep Google happy, publishing original, quality content is the only way to go. We don’t need to tell you that better rankings on Google will help drive more organic traffic to your website. But we can tell you that, in order to improve your Google ranking, you must be showing the search engine that your content is something worth recommending to web users. Why would Google recommend your website and blog over others? Why should you appear on page 1 rather than page 10? This is what you have to prove to Google: that your content is worth its place on page 1. And you prove it by publishing only the very best content!

How to get more organic traffic to your website | ItinerWord Blog

Use SEO to get more organic traffic to your website

SEO has had its ups and downs over the years (cramming in as many keywords as possible is a thing of the past), but it is still important to adhere to certain guidelines in order to organically improve your ranking on Google. For instance, supporting your webpage with a slick meta title and description is key, but as we’ve said avoid stuffing in as many keywords as you can. Instead, compose a fluent meta title and description that reads naturally and tells the user exactly what that page is about. Don’t forget to include Alt Text for your images, and link to internal and external sites where appropriate. All of these are important SEO practices because they are valuable for Google’s users, helping them to identify which page to click through to. And while SEO is an important element of content writing, readability trumps anything else, because now Google can tell what is good content and what isn’t.

How to get more organic traffic to your website | ItinerWord Blog

Invest in good content to see results

There are no shortcuts when it comes to creating good content – it takes investment and commitment to see results. Build up a broad portfolio of articles, pages and news pieces, and be sure to regularly post on your blog too. Not only is this helpful for online users who will keep coming back to you for the latest updates in your particular industry, but Google will also acknowledge it – a big thumbs up. Draw on your niche and write about the topics that matter to your clients, focusing each article on relevant themes, interesting news and helpful guides that give value. Throughout, maintain your company tone of voice and philosophy – remember, every page of written content is a reflection of your business, so stay true to yourselves and ALWAYS produce faultless, eloquent writing.

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