Travel Trends in 2018

Travel PhotographyBeing in the travel copywriting business, it always fascinates us to keep an eye on trending destinations, the latest unmissable experience or what the next hidden gem may be. 2018 was no different, and the content marketing we have been producing throughout the year has varied massively across the globe, from Asia to Africa, Europe to the USA and ever-popular South America. So, we thought it would be fun to take a look at one or two standout travel trends in 2018 for our latest copywriting blog. 

Popular travel destinations in 2018

ChileEaster Island

At the beginning of the year, Chile was named as the number one travel destination by Lonely Planet, a much-loved South American favourite attracting honeymooners, families and adventurers alike. This is no doubt due to its unrivalled combination of extraordinary landscapes and experiences, from Penguin watching tours and glacier walks in Patagonia to the bewitching fjords and pine forests of Chile’s Lake District. Then, there’s always enchantment to be sensed during forays to the mystical monuments of Easter Island, followed by lunar landscapes and the world’s best stargazing found in the Atacama Desert, finishing up in the country’s Central Wine Valley region. It’s easy to see why so many people want to visit Chile!

Sure enough, as a result we saw a surge of interest in the country. Although here at ItinerWord we love all types of market-leading travel copywriting, it’s always nice to write about such an exciting South American destination, particularly one that several members of our team have experienced first-hand.Chile Lake District.jpg

MaltaPicturesque Malta

Malta was also hotly tipped to see a resurgence in its tourist numbers thanks to Valletta’s role as the European Capital of Culture for 2018, prompting us to go on a fact-finding mission there in February. We loved the country, with its laidback lifestyle, fresh seafood and mind-boggling array of archaeological sites including the unmissable Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum, Ħagar Qim and other megalithic temples as well as a string of impressive 17th century forts and castles. Malta may not have seen the full rush that was predicted, but this still remains one of the best all-round island escapes in Europe, no doubt.Sunrise in Malta

RwandaWild Rwanda

Rwanda is another destination that has drawn recent attention. Known for its affordable Gorilla trekking tours, national parks and interesting towns, the country is gradually gearing up to cater for tourists more and more, just like neighbouring Uganda which has its own reputation for outdoor adventure holidays in Africa. It is, of course, essential that the natural habitat of all visited species is protected, and tourism does not lead to the destruction of the surrounding environment, yet with more and more value placed on these incredible animals from a tourist perspective, governments are increasingly duty-bound to protect them. This, if managed correctly, can only be a good thing, and helping the Rwandan government with their marketing materials – to convey these messages – is something ItinerWord are also looking to do.

Other emerging travel destinations include parts of India, Ethiopia, Japan, Brazil’s Atlantic Coast and Portugal. We have certainly noticed an increase in demand for reliable travel copywriting in order to adequately describe these trending destinations, among others.


Always attracting the crowds: Unmissable travel destinations

From Jordan to Iran, South Africa to South Korea, there is always a trendy destination to visit, no matter what your interests, and some of them tend to change with the seasons. However, there are also those that remain reliably appealing year after year, something that we at ItinerWord see in the travel copywriting we are asked to do over time, for our various partners.

Indian OceanMaldives

The Indian Ocean is one such example, an unrivalled experience as the allure of your own overwater Seychelles, Maldives or Mauritius villa, private infinity pool and fine dining daily cuisine just never gets old. Crystalline seas, idyllic island beaches and only an occasional palm tree for company, luxury holidays to the Indian Ocean are certainly here to stay.

GreeceIconic Greece

So too the islands of Greece, which somehow retain their enchanting and authentic atmosphere, despite having welcomed countless tourists onto their shores for the last three or four decades, if not longer. The iconic Cycladic architecture, picture-perfect sunsets, lively nightlife and some of the best beaches in Europe have seen trips to Greece’s mainland and its famous islands remain as popular as ever; for very good reason! Meanwhile, elsewhere in Europe there’s southern France, rural Spain, Amsterdam, Ibiza, Scandinavia and long foodie weekends in Italy that remain high up on wanderlusters’ must-do travel lists, and we can’t see that changing anytime soon either.

Travel experience trends in 2018Life on the Beach

The exact travel picture for 2018 won’t fully be known until next year, especially as November and December are notoriously busy seasons for those in Europe and parts of North America looking to escape the onset of winter. That said, solo travel has been on the rise, as have adventure tours and luxury cruises – all very different experiences of course, though an interesting addition to the more predictable and consistent trends of honeymoon, retirement and family vacation, for example. This has in turn seen a rise in luxury cruise operators and experience providers, particularly around the Amazon, Patagonia, and safari lodges across Africa.

So too the innovative ways of offering such experiences, including the emergence of Discover Your South America which is, for us, the absolute future of travel planning and best way for our own travel partners to stay on top of the game, keeping their clients fully engaged in whatever their next trip holds along the way.Solo Travel