The Importance of Great Travel Copywriting

For anyone thinking – ‘How do I make sure I have the best content in the travel industry, a reliable copywriting service at my fingertips and all those nitty-gritty marketing jobs taken care of at the click of a button?’ – our answer is simple: ItinerWord!

Importance of Copywriting

ItinerWord is a market-leading travel writing service, but more than that, it’s a principle. We believe that travellers deserve to read something inspiring about the destinations, experiences and hotels they will (or want to) be visiting; something engaging, dynamic, and representative too.

Your clients deserve creative content marketing

Let us give you an example of why it is so important to have an adequate in-house library of descriptions and content marketing available to potential or existing partners and clients. Imagine you are planning your own once-in-a lifetime trip to the Galapagos Islands on a luxury cruise, maybe visiting the Amazon Rainforest too. The first step is, of course, doing a bit of research online before deciding which tour operator, travel agent, local provider or cruise company to use, as well as looking into what to expect while away.

Picture then – something which is still the case all over the internet – that every site you click on, brochure you download or description you read has simply gone through Google Translate from Spanish to English, perhaps been written by multiple authors or uses a mix of writing styles, often in a rush. There are spelling mistakes, strange sentence structures, the same generic statements and adjectives you’ve read 100 times before… the list goes on! What’s left is that you are put off immediately. Clients sometimes book if they feel they have no choice – but imagine actually inspiring your clients to book because what they read makes you sound like the best?

Who would trust a company with their dream holiday if that company can’t even write properly? It sounds harsh. But our data consistently shows that travel industry copywriting created by ItinerWord significantly increases Google ranking, conversion rates and brand confidence. The stats speak for themselves. Surely, a better way to operate is convincing or reminding people just what they have in store in a beautiful, fluent, original and engaging way? It may sound obvious, but this is not something just anybody can do.

Team Content Marketing

Improve Google rankings with your website content

This is a whole entire area of discussion in itself, but needless to say that, when it comes to copywriting, Google has moved way beyond SEO keywords, and now looks at fluency, originality and readability too. This will only ever become more important over time, meaning that before long, every company in the travel industry will want to pay special attention to their copywriting and content marketing. There is no need to get left behind, and independent research shows that 60% of all businesses struggle to maintain the daily functions required for good customer communications, yet those who do manage it see a nearly four-fold increase in conversion rates. That is where we step in. ItinerWord will complete those daily functions for you, to the highest standard, meaning you don’t have to!

Creative Travel Writing

Who are the best travel content writers?

We think ItinerWord is home to the best copywriters in the travel industry, of course, but why? The reason is that although some of our team have experience in freelance journalism, they are not only journalists. And although some of our team are fluent in multiple languages, they are not only translators either. They are all of these things and much, much more. What they possess is a total and complete knowledge of travel industry copywriting nuances.

They’ve all dealt with the face-to-face clients and DMCs alike, they’ve sold trips, launched marketing campaigns, managed teams, and together gained years of experience from, importantly, within the industry, before joining us. This is not something you can teach, it is a totally different approach compared to journalism and nothing like a simple translation from another language, this does not work and is not good enough if you want to be the best, or as near the best as you are willing to get! You need to have been on the frontline to find that adaptability, and to have that understanding of what B2C and B2B communication should sound like. There is a huge difference to the reader when your descriptions are written in an inspiring way, reinforced with SEO-driven language and subtle sales techniques while being, above all, enjoyable to read.

Dynamic Copywriting Skills

Experienced in travel, experienced in writing

Importantly, our team have all travelled. They love to explore and therefore the perfect job for them is with ItinerWord. Through us, they can describe places they have been, want to go or have previously crafted trips for, they get to research and learn, evolve their skills under our tutelage and deliver creative pieces that are always of the highest possible standard. This passion, enjoyment and commitment comes through day after day, week after week, it reflects on the page which can only be a good thing for us, you and your clients.

So, choose ItinerWord for your expert content and copywriting yes; but also choose ItinerWord because you understand, because you are proud of your company, respect your partners and clients, and can see where the modern world is heading. You’ll never look back!